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      Sorry this doesn't look nicer, but Blogger decided to repeatedly chuck out code or the entire post seemingly at random.

      Oct 3, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      It's been fun and nice, but I think I'm gonna stop this whole picture thursday thing.
      Not that I'm going to stop making or posting pics, I'm just gonna move it to twitter and put pics whenever, instead of waiting for a specific day to post in the blog.

      I just have this feeling like blog posts should be for more important, interesting, or updatey things. More than just some pic(s).

      I can still be found through my Discord server or through Twitter, though feel free to comment if you don't want to go either of those places and would prefer me to keep posting here. Now for them pics

      For starters, I ended up making a slightly more SFW version of last week's pic to put as the twitter banner.

      And because October/Halloween, here's Roxy in a witch hat

      And/Or less clothing

      Sep 26, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      I had everything ready to go way earlier, but... I just forgot. Sorry.
      On another note, I just created a twitter (about time, right?) and I'll be posting these pics there too. (I'll add the link to this blog tomorrow or so, when it's not 100% blank new anymore)
      That out of the way, here's this week pic!

      A nice change from my usual. Multiple characters, some background, 1920x1080 size...

      Practically obviously was gonna be a thing towel removal...

      Sep 19, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      This week around the theme of the pics was trying to get Roxy updated and in usable condition. Just in case.

      You might think I succeeded... But I still have a nagging feeling about the current setup that I can't quite shake.

      Sep 12, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      It's that day of the week again, and that means more sexy pics!
      First, another pic starring the girl from last week:

      And next, something more on the "sex" part of sexy:

      That's all for today!
      Actually, no, there's just one more thing. When I was going to post this here, I noticed I had a comment on last week's pics. I hadn't noticed earlier, and that kinda bothers me. I also post these same pics on my Discord server (which you can get the link up top) and through Discord I am somewhat more active. So feel free to hop in.

      Sep 5, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      It's that time of the week again. Bringing only one picture this time around though.
      For realsies, no "one picture but it's an animation" shenanigans.

      Aug 29, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      This week's full of pictures!

      Too bad all but one are actually animation frames for this one animation.

      Aug 22, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      This time the pics are a potential update to one of my old characters: Roxy

      I'm pretty sure I didn't get her colors right, among other things, but for a quick update I'd say it's a good enough job.

      Aug 15, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      Yeah. I've got nothing...

      To say with these tiddy pics. Enjoy!

      With an extra bonus pair of pics!

      Aug 8, 2019

      Picture Thursday

      Just some titty testing this time around.

      I would say they work well.
      tfw you gotta do a update on all girls