Dec 31, 2017

An entry for the lewdjams, and a holiday sexy pic

Hello there, and first of all, Happy new year!

This year I took part in the lewdjam, that ran the first half of December, and while I didn't make the small thing I had expected to do, I feel like I've started a promising project in Dream Walker Erika.

A first-person single-character RPG with combat sex and what I hope will be a good amount of content.

The demo doesn't really have all that much, probably because of a lack of time, but on a basic level it does everything I wanted it to do.
And then I jumped onto the second lewdjam, that ran up until today (except I didn't actually get to use the time to work on it as much as I would have wanted, so all I got done was the altered combat sex system, even though that was my goal)

It has two demos to it. Demo A is the first one I made and has the enemies randomly doing sex attacks along their regular attacks, while in Demo B the combat sex system is switched out so that the enemies have to grab Erika using a "grab" attack before doing any sex attacks, and Erika's combat options switch from the regular ones to sexual ones (but at this point in time they're just "attack, but while grabbed" and "guard, but while grabbed")

To end this post, I'll put up a completely unrelated holiday-themed sexy pic I made:

See you next year!

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