Aug 14, 2016

I republished Booty Hunter Shem

Took a day off working ODK after I got a comment asking about where to get Booty Hunter Shem, since it's only release location was Kimochi, and that went down so that way got busted.

I completely forgot about finding anywhere else to put the game because, when I mailed Kimochi to see if I could get a list of the people that got the game, I got no answer.

Back to the main thing, I believe spending the day making sure Booty Hunter Shem was set up with the latest version of RPG Maker MV (It was done with that, I don't think I'll ever do another game with MV after this), and adding a little bit of extra content, was well worth it so it's actually back out there instead of just... Laying forgotten somewhere on my hard drive.

On the plus side, using the latest version means I don't have to package the game with that "enigma virtual box" since they added some encryption for the audio and image assets. That's a quick 45 MB right out of the weight. (I still hate how it turns anything into an overbloated mess since it's based on HTML5)

So that's that done. You can go check it out and get the demo (or the full version) on the Booty Hunter Shem store page.

I'll add that link to the sidebar, too.

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