Jul 23, 2016

Almost done?

Heya folk(s), it's me again. Based on a recent conversation with Barreytor, it looks like I might actually be done for real this time with the sprites. I revamped a few and finalized some extra changes as well just the other day. Since then, I've started working more on one of the other projects we've got going on. That being said, Barrey isn't on, so I don't want to go spoiling anything or releasing anything without his explicit consent. I don't recall off the top of my head what he has left, but I know he's also been a bit more distracted lately with some stuff going on in the real world (Not that I haven't been, ugh...).

Also, due to a recent bit of news I've heard, I thought I'd put something out there.

  • There is no contract between me and Barreytor.
  • The artwork I make for him is free so far, and upon saving it - his entirely.
  • Things don't always go smoothly, but I don't try to drive from the backseat, and do try to provide realistic feedback.
  • The things I make, I don't even make with the intent for me to enjoy them; I like the idea that the player will enjoy it.

I sincerely hope more developers, artists, and even consumers out there will work to function well as a community. The thought of making someone else happy with my work is what keeps me creating. Quite frankly speaking, that's part of the reason I sprite for Barrey. He enjoys my work, too ; )

1 comment:

  1. I've been enjoying your work as well. Might eventually contract you for sprites if I ever get back to CoaTF. :)