Jun 13, 2016

Nothing much to say besides "I'm still alive" and "I'm an idiot for not saying anything"

To get to the point, I didn't say anything for so long because... Well, I don't have a real reason!
Just a dumb, cyclic feeling of "Oh I didn't post anything, but if I post something it'll be worse". Which is probably the least true thing ever.

Me being an idiot aside, I've been working on ODK and am on the home stretch. I'm wary of giving a set deadline for when I'll "have it finished" because I've tried that several times already and... You know how it went.

I also have a fancy bunch of ideas and characters to use them with, but it's probably for the best that I just try and keep myself focused on ONE thing at a time. And once I'm done with ODK I have to finish Bunny Blaster.

Alright, that's all for now. Maybe next time I can bring a sexy pic or two.

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