Apr 8, 2016

Patreon pic and whining/complaining

Patrons got a new pic, so I post Beta (the player character from the bunny game) wearing a nightdress (which is the pic Patrons got last week).

And I'm going to whine and complain about how this week has been shitty because for the biggest part of two days my internet has been gone and/or incredibly shitty (because some wire was broken), then the next day some heavy duty transformer burnt out and was out of power for practically entirely another day.


  1. That sucks man, hope the weather/temperature was bearable with the power out.

    My internet has been unreliable due to the windy weather here (randomly disconnecting).

    1. The weather was completely bearable without power, maybe a bit too windy, but nothing really special.

  2. Where I am: that's why I moved INTO the city so there would be less power outages during the winter (due to too much snow).