Mar 9, 2016

So it occurred to me to check around the Patreon stuff

I found there was this fancy thing that told me the reasons ex-patrons gave Patreon as for why they stopped pledging to me. (Or at least the ones that did stick for at least one month.)

And the reasons are mostly the thing I commonly complain about: That I don't update enough.

It's true! I barely post updates because I tend to not know what to post about, or what is actually interesting enough to be posted.

So, if I am to post more often, I'm going to ask for some feedback on what should I be posting. And probably a few things more. I'll go one step at a time, one poll at a time.

Poll about what should I be posting:

Hope you check it out and vote what you'd want me to do!

PS: I'm posting this poll over on my Patreon too, and this one is for everyone to see. There will be a patron-exclusive poll or two down the line.

EDIT: I just removed the blehhh white background that apparently got copied along with the text.

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