Mar 27, 2016

Bunny Blaster! Public Demo

Bunny Blaster! is a top down scrolling shooter that takes elements from the bullet hell genre (namely, the tons of bullets everywhere). There isn't much, if anything, in the way of plot.

You shoot at waves of bunny girls that come at you shooting, until you get to the boss bunnygirl. The gameplay basics are relatively simple, but the complete version will have a decent amount of content for a game as small as this one.

Here's the link to the demo:!bcg3VKAR!AD1F4hGh2bnEVnOTV9FARzrb9otCJ_nZf-0wI9ctHZA

The demo has only the one stage, and loops it forever (and has no game over HCG or victory HCG). The full version will have a total of four stages, two different gameover animated HCG, one animated victory HCG, and a few unlockable static CGs.

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