Mar 16, 2016

An interesting question came to my mind.

"What do you think of death in H games?"

Sure, it sounds pretty straightforward, but let me explain: I've played a fair bunch of H games, like anybody else around these circles, and very few if any at all let the player character just up and die.

Most of the time, any way you lose you either lose some progress, or see a scene of "main character was raped forever after". Almost never there's a "main character died", and when there is, it tends to be either subtly implied after a gameover scene or in a very obscure bad ending.

Mind you, I'm not asking about having H stuff happen with dead stuff (ew), or having extremely gory descriptions (double ew), just having things like in regular games, where stuff just up and kills the player character and it's off to load from the last save.

I set up a poll with the question and a few answers, feel free to check it out and/or comment what you think about this.

1 comment:

  1. In MY personal opinion death should be taken into consideration for the GAME'S sake.
    A. Does the game revolve around the death of the character, whether gore, vore etc, or not? Then that's a part of the game, and you can include it whole sale, at face value - go nuts.
    B. Does the death of the character matter? If not, then there's no need to have it in there at all, go straight to a "game over screen" and be done with it - imply rather than tell about it.
    C. After the decision is made that gets the character killed, do they actually die immediately, or does something special happen between the decision and the death? If there is something special include IT, then to the game over screen.