Feb 11, 2016

I had an epiphany

Last night, when I was in bed, juuust before I finally fell asleep, I saw the main problem that was bugging me about that fighting game idea I've been messing around with for a while:


Yes, it took me so damn long to figure out that my main problem with this game based on a fast paced thing was that I was trying to make it LONG and TEDIOUS. Not to mention FLAT OUT LUCK-BASED.

Just for posterity, and so I don't forget about this idea in a few hours, the way I saw it was something like that one Ipad game I played once with the sword dude, or like Punch Out.

Still, I haven't been doing nothing all this time: I took that one game I technically finished, "Dildo Witch", and improved its graphics so it wouldn't... You know, suck. (Figures that getting some way to do pictures that are vastly better kinda makes you see the old stuff as shitty).

Just to show the difference between old and new:
Old at the left, new and updated at the right.
(Please ignore the extra nipple showing).

I'll see if I can come up with a proper price tag to put it in Kimochi, though I'll also be sending it out to my patrons later today. (I really don't know if putting it up for $3 would be underpricing it for its 16 CGs, but the gameplay is... Lacking, for lack of another word, so I'm not sure either about putting it up for $5... I'll see if I can get some opinions on the matter...)

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