Jan 7, 2016

Been... Quite silent for a while, I know.

Inbetween all the mess that was christmas, having released one game made with RPG Maker MV (Which while looking like the best thing since sliced bread it actually disappointed me in so many ways I lost count), I've been relatively silent since I also had a somewhat lack of progress.

I haven't stopped doing stuff, it just was pretty hard to get some actual work done. You know. Stuff with tits and nudity and so on.

So, remember that cards/fighting game I was making forever ago? I changed the plan a bit. It's going to be shorter than what I expected, have the player be a guy, and the opponent this girl.

Her name is Allie, and she looks like she wants something yours.
Also started thinking some other project idea (which was supposed to be "made of stupid", but I always end up fucking that up), but don't want to give too much detail until I have some tangible progress.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing you've done has been made of stupid yet, and you still get way more projects done than me. I say: keep it up! You can do it! We love your content!