Oct 21, 2015

I updated my Patreon picture

Yes, that's what the post is about.

I don't have anything to show from what I've been working on, and while I'd appreciate any comments or helpful advice on the whole thing of the post I did before, I felt that changing up the Patreon image was post-worthy.

For obvious reasons, I'm not showing the pic here. Just click the Patreon button to the right and you'll see it. Might add it to that boob pictures site (with less clothes) if that idea ever gets off the ground.

1 comment:

  1. The picture site you mentioned before does sound interesting, but I don't really have anything useful to suggest at the moment. I'm terrible with names for one thing lol. I would be up for participating though, if it gets to that point. Just keep in mind my internet is touch and go for the next couple of months at least, so if I don't respond right away that may be the reason.