Sep 2, 2015

Been working, yet silently

I've advanced a pretty good bunch on that card game engine and got some extra ideas to use, but I'd rather not start explaining how cool they sound and how sexy the pics they'll have will be, because I don't want to start talking about something I might end up dropping. (I'm looking at you, Naomi's Nightmare).

Have a nice picture of a thing that is in something I am doing instead:


  1. Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! YAY! Boobs!

  2. I don't know if this has been asked already but what do you use to make your models and textures?

    1. I use DAZ Studio to make my pics, and while that means that I technically _don't_ make my models or textures for the most part, I've pawed around enough with 3D modeling and texturing to be able to make some basic edits and things that I might need.

  3. You're not the only one working silently, Barreytor! Hopefully just a few more hours and I'll have something to finally show for it... Not that I'm sure anyone remembers your old project, lol. Let's see if we can fix that ;D