Aug 16, 2015

Did you miss me? Of course not, who am I kidding

I don't really have much to say aside that I've again changed project and that I got me Tyranobuilder because it was slightly cheaper.

Roxy might be able to tell you more (Yes, this is a thing I made)


  1. You should post on ULMF more often, far as I can tell it's a far more popular platform to discuss H-game development than individual dev blogs. Kinda disappointed that you stopped working on VEPP, I loved how it's developed so far - but if you have a clear idea of what you want to do with this next game I can't wait to see what it is.

    1. While I agree that right this moment I'd have more exposure by posting on ULMF, what would I be posting there anyway? "Hey guys, I stopped working on this project and starting a new one because of stuff that I can't blame onto health problems. Happy times everyone".

      I left VEPP away for the time being because I got stuck and couldn't really advance on anything. Or because my easily distracted nature tied with my lack of focus made me try and do something else. Or maybe I bit more than I could chew?
      Either way, I fully intend to come back to it... Someday.

      But, really. I already say little in my blog, what could I even post on ULMF?