Jun 26, 2015

Violet's Escape from the Pleasure Purgatory 0.0.2

What was formerly known as "Endless Tentacles" got a swift name change to what its final title will be.

Violet's Escape from the Pleasure Purgatory is a top down shooter with H content and the characteristic random generation of maps and items usually found in roguelikes.
There will be plot, just not yet.

With a simple mouse + WASD control scheme (plus E for picking up items and R to reload), it should be easy to pick up and play.

The most up-to-date version (0.0.2) includes:
  • 7 different weapons (One is a rocket launcher)
  • 2 different enemies
  • Ammo pickups! (FINALLY)
  • Playable fullscreen
  • A simple yet effective saving system, keeping in line with the roguelike side (Yes, it deletes your save on load)
  • Updated the cutins and the gameover graphics (Tell me what you think of the change)

Also included a sample picture for the sake of having a pic


  1. Nice work! I gave it a run only until round 10 so I haven't tested it extensively. No problems with randomly generated map/rooms, loot and enemies so far.

    The animated gameover CG is nice, although I'm not sure which is the old or new. I actually prefer the lighting on the one without the background because I can clearly outline Violet's body with the more prominent shades. Its not very clear but I think there's boob physics?

    1. The one without background is the old one, and yes, there is a slight bit of boob movement in the animation, but not much. Gotta be subtle.

      I'll probably give it another render pass sometime later, wasn't really happy with how the lighting ended up being myself either.

      Glad you liked it overall