Jun 1, 2015

Realized the game was going nowhere fast.

Hey, remember all those cool mechanics of EGA and CGA adventure games? Unfairly difficult puzzles? Lack of knowing what the hell you have to do?

Well, I'm dropping work on Naomi's Nightmare because I was trying to make it as annoying as that or worse even.

So instead of that, I'll work on something more fun to actually play.
There'll be more words about it once I have the first demo out, because given my track record I'm kinda afraid of talking anything about it before having anything playable to show.


  1. I remember those games, not all of them were that bad. It would only have appealed to a limited audience though if you did go ahead with it. Some people would have played it just because it was something different though too. Don't think I've seen that done by an English-speaking H-dev.

    1. It's more that the ideas I had were boring and wasn't really knowing where to go with them than anything else.
      I might come back to it at a later date, who knows.