Jun 24, 2015

Entirely missed a week, didn't I?

Sorry for not posting last week, been busy working on and off on the game, and improving my knowledge of how to properly use DAZ for the art too.

For what I've learned, I better use a sample pic to show the differences. I'll start with one of the pics I did with the older, simpler style:

You might have seen this one on VSPAR's blog already.
Since this post is strangely long, I'm breaking it up to not clutter the page

First and foremost, I took the pic and updated the shaders to use something like what I was using for Violet's game, and ended up with a pic that had one big flaw and some small ones:

I don't know what's up with the floor there, though
You might easily notice how her face is pretty much the darkest and hardest to see part of the whole pic. That became my main concern after learning how to fix the mysterious bright spots seen where skin touches skin (like her left hand there in that pic, it's all shiny for no reason).

After a bit of looking around, I found out what I think was a fix for the dark faces problem, added it, and... Well, at least the face wasn't dark anymore.

It looks better, yet completely different
I can only assume the skin color looks that pink because that's what it was supposed to look like to begin with, but on the other hand, her face isn't awfully darker than the body now.
Mostly saying that because on another test I did, the results were a lot closer to what I expected to see:

Left: Without the fixing. Right: With the fixing.

It's noticeable yet doesn't change much. (Full picture not shown because it's pretty uninteresting)
So it's basically what I wanted to manage to do and looks close to what I was seeing before.

All that said, thanks for coming by. Still working on Violet's game here, but still nothing that I feel worth showing.

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  1. Pretty uninteresting? Does it have boobies? If so then it is interesting.
    Postits ;P