Apr 1, 2015

Happy April 1st

I place things on internets. Does that mean I have to make a joke today?
Or, flat out lie to people who know it'll be a joke except it isn't?

Nah, sorry, can't do that. Got too distracted doing the most retardedly stupid thing in DAZ to get the dumb out of me.
And not, I am not showing that thing because it's retardedly stupid, not actually funny. I mean, I got a chuckle out of moving the sliders around, but it's as if I laughed at drawing a silly unfunny stick figure drawing, I'd get a laugh out of making it, but looking at it later wouldn't be half as funny.

That reminds me of a series of "Skyrim in a nutshell" short one-panel stick figure drawings I did quite a bit ago... Oh, forgive me, I'm starting to ramble. Have a catgirl instead.
(The joke is that she's wearing clothes, I guess?)

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