Feb 23, 2015

I started (yet another) short-ish thing

And kind of sort of forgot to mention it here in the blog. Sorry?

Anyway, it's a short game thing I made in a few days of putting some effort with a simple goal set in mind to make sure I'd be able to finish it soon: Something "similar to flappy bird, but with H".

I called it "Dildo Witch", here's the download link and the title screen:

It's as simple as it looks

I'll most probably be finishing it in two weeks tops, maybe even less, and I'll consider it a "full game" once I've made and added few CGs and gameplay for them. As it stands right now, this is a demo.

In any case, feedback would be greatly appreciated and this game will, once finished, be given to the patrons that I have for this month of February (getting charged early March) and I might even go out of my way and put it in DLSite.

EDIT: Changed the link to a .zip file of the thing because antivirus software tends to eat it when it tries to unpack itself to run. For some reason. (Also I'm stupid to not have realized that I knew that was an issue)

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