Jan 25, 2015

So, ODK on hold and new game idea that I'll work on.

First of all, I want to clarify that no, I am not leaving ODK unfinished. I am just putting it on hold because my spriter right now doesn't have the time or the energy to put towards spriting, all being used in more important matters.

And for the idea I say, it's just that "jungle/demon girl clone" only after thinking about it for a good while, I can't, in good conscience, do something that's just a glorified gallery.
So I thought a few ways to make an actual game without deviating from the sprites I already had readied. Here's two pics to give you an idea of the thing:

If you're wondering why the shapes are just white fill-ins, it's not censoring of any kind; when I rendered them DAZ kinda blew up on me and spitted that out. I used them anyway because right now I'm at the early stages of making it. There's not much else to it right now.

And on another, different thing: promoting someone else's game project!

If you check normally you might already have noticed a new link in the list of other H developers, and it's that one the one I'm going to talk about. Well, I would, but it would just be repeating their game pitch and I'm not going to try and do that because I'm sure I'd butcher it.

In short, this is the development blog for Future Fragments, a platformer that promises five big levels with plenty of exploration to be done and a whopping 50 H-animations of spritesex of quite good quality spread over 25 different enemies to tackle in an storyline-driven sci-fi setting.

Or you could go straight to check out their Patreon page and support them a bit, because the dev team of that game seems to really be in need of cash right now. So much, in fact, that the $5 tier of support includes a full copy of the game on release for pledging before the 1st of February. And then when the pledge has gone through and you've paid you can stop pledging because you'll still get the game.

Really now, go check that game. Or, if you prefer, I'm also taking suggestions on the game that I'm working on right now. Or feedback about ODK, that would be good too, if you've played the latest demo.

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