Jan 18, 2015

If you were expecting progress, I got nothing.

This week I was low on actually working on the game, since I mostly got a bunch of ideas clashing together in my head and trying to get something clear out of them.
That, and having to see if I get a hold of my spriter. Mostly the "too many ideas" thing though.

In fact, there is one idea that I thought as being probably the best one of the bunch: Making a game where a girl walks to the right and stuff fucks her.

Something like this, only with sex.
I can hear people going "Yeah, just what we need, yet another jungle/demon girl clone." but while it would be similar in some ways, I'd try to go about it in a more... Entertaining or fun way.
Probably some way that does away with the whole "if you get sex you're doing it wrong".

There's some ideas on how to go about that, but when not even the girl's looks have been decided on, it's not like I can say "it'll have this and that and work like this and that".

Yes, the pic to the left is just a sample pic to... Have a pic in the post I guess? Also because I'd do all the graphics with them 3D software, for the sprites at least.

Of course, I'm not going to stop working on ODK, but it's nice having a set thing to work when I can't really work on it for whatever reason, and I might even learn a thing or two about animating.

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