Jan 11, 2015

Finally getting out of "holiday mode", but feedback would be nice too

Yes, I'll admit, I didn't do anything much this holidays because, well, it's the holidays. Or at least they were.

Now I'm starting to get back into the game-making mood, probably something to do with getting back to the usual routine, but I'm pretty much going to go headfirst into a brick wall: making the not-demo content.

It's understandable, I hope, that the not-demo content is something I want to do without showing it and spoiling the surprise, but also because it's something that it's not supposed to be seen in the demo, so I can't freely show new content without killing the whole point of having a "demo" version in the first place.

Either way, I hope that the content in the demo was enough to give a taste of what the game is going to be like and, more importantly, how it plays.

In short: I'd like to hear if you have any feedback on the game. Thanks in advance.

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