Jan 4, 2015

Because making known my point of view on Piracy seemed a good idea

I got me a patron on Patreon, it's a start, and that made me think a bit about the whole piracy thing and how would it affect me. So today's post is about piracy and stuff. If you don't want to read it, just know that I ain't going to say "piracy is evil" or something like that.

Alright, then, piracy is often seen as a bad thing (lost sales, people who profit from other peoples works or even worse), but right now I'm going to think about what piracy would mean to me an getting my games pirated.

First and foremost, I know that no matter how hard I could try to stop it or fight it, it's pretty pointless because if AAA studios and the big game system companies can't do more than stall piracy, there's no real way I'd have a chance. That said, I'll point out the kinds of piracy that I believe would affect me:

  • "Piracy for the sake of piracy". This is probably the worst kind, and the one that realistically makes the least impact. This one wasn't ever going to even think about paying, so, if at all, I'm winning a player.
  • "I totes would pay if I could". We've all been here some time or other, either because we wanted to see if the full thing was worth it and the demo wasn't big enough, or there wasn't a demo, or there really wasn't enough money. If there's a lack of a demo or a lack of money, alright, I can get it.
I could go on and list a bunch of ways more, but I think I'm saying enough (and kinda ran out of ideas about that) so I'll just say the thing I wanted to say from the beginning:

No, I don't realistically expect to make a living out of this, but I'd really like seeing that my works are good enough that people feel they're worth money or... even... worth pirating. Though I'd rather have people do the money thing.
With everything I release there'll be a text file that will basically amount to "Please don't pirate. And if you do, put the same link as-is, not through ads, not reuploaded."
And for big things like games it'll probably say "at least wait a month after release" too.

PS: Seriously, don't pirate my stuff and share it through ad links, it's a dick move. S'all I wanted to say.


  1. "it's a dick move." HEHEHEHEHEH... I'll... Em... Show my gutter mind out the door...

    1. You're thinking the good kind of dick move, the one everybody wants to see.