Dec 15, 2014

Not a lot of progress

Surely I got you all excited and ready to download the latest demo with the next post, right?

Sorry. I couldn't provide it. Sprites need to be done and BoredBirdy, who was doing them, will probably have a bit of trouble finding time to help me. Part because of the holiday season, part because of personal stuff I'm not going to mention.

And in the meantime, I worked a bit on behind the scenes stuff, but not that much, since I've been looking around about ways to go with the whole "getting money in exchange for the game" thing.
I'ts not really easy, since some law that's going into effect next month/year basically makes it all but impossible for anyone who sells digital stuff over the internet to not do so illegally.

Why so? They are going to require two~three pieces of info about where the buyer is at the moment of purchase, and payment processors don't do that because apparently they don't like money enough.

So what am I to do? No idea. I've shuffled a bunch of possibilities but haven't got anything clear about which way should I go.
So far the options that look the best are:

  • Making a Patreon and give the game to the "gets game" tier. Maybe making more stuff too.
  • Offbeatr market or something? I didn't check much.
  • Putting a donation button and managing the donations manually, giving the game as a thanks.
  • Put the game on DLSite only and tell the rest of the world to go fuck themselves
  • Give away the game for free and tell DLSite to go fuck itself.
  • Some combination of the above options.
It's not a pretty thing, but while I don't really need the money to live, having some sort of income would be nice to save and be able to use for things like upgrading software, buying content, maybe even paying people to aid me with work/resources in making the game.

I'll put up a poll to see what do the people think, running for three days. It'll be a multiple choice thing, so you can vote in more than one option.

So then, closing the post.
Roxy was trying to help me, but when I looked back she was playing games.


  1. I'd put the game on Roxxy and tell her to go fuck herself... HEHEHEHEHE~

    1. While that would be fun and all for everyone involved (specially Roxy), that would only make it harder to get the game, I think.

  2. I hear you on the slow progress. Frustrated with that myself right now.
    As far as money, I would suggest Patreon and a donate button (I voted as such). Patreon has problems with some peoples' credit cards, so a donate method would hopefully cover anyone who has this issue. I can't use it myself because of this (to support others anyway, I can receive money as that uses a different method). And they just say they can't do anything about it.

    1. Well, the donate button is clearly winning and the Patreon is not close behind (along with "I want the game free", which for some reason I added as an option), so I'll probably go that way and use both options.