Dec 7, 2014

New demo coming soon

Progress on Omega Defender Karen has been coming along steadily, though is maybe a bit slower than it could.
Plenty of features have been added, tested, fixed and/or removed, probably the most notable of those being charge shots.
Until the demo comes along there are still a few things to do, namely actually getting all the content that will be in the demo done and reviewing and fixing things. And while still a demo and incomplete, it will have a lot to most of the features that will appear in the final/full version. Well, except maybe the censoring.

Maybe it's a bit too early to be thinking of it, but I've been trying to think a way to sell the game through anywhere that isn't DLSite aside from selling it through there, and a few ideas have come around.

As a side note, I changed Karen's hair for the CGs because the old one didn't really feel really right. Hope you know what I mean.
Roxy just finished changing Karen's haircut

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