Dec 29, 2014

And finally, a new demo arises!

It took far longer than it could have been expected, but before the year ends, I can show a new and improved demo of Omega Defender Karen.

And as for what's new? Lots of stuff, including but not limited to improved sprites (thanks to BoredBirdy), CG pictures (that can be saved as fullHD versions), and charging shots.

The list of changes would probably be too long and boring to show (if I had one, which I don't really do), so the only thing I can really say is that, since the last publically available demo I posted, this one has seen many improvements and should be far more fun to play through.

There's still a lot to work through, and probably some balancing issues that might come up in the future. But for now, there you have.

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  1. can't download as google says it is harmful

    1. Yeah, that's a known problem with the sort of files I was compiling by that time.
      You'll have to tell it that you're sure you want to download it.