Nov 13, 2014

Progress = Motivation = 0

Well, I don't really have anything at all to show myself, done basically nothing since I posted that last demo (okay, I messed around with DAZ a bit but that's not relevant) and while I did get what I will end up adding to ODK, it was only on paper.

I know I don't have the biggest amount of readers or followers or anything at all, but since I posted the demo (that should have been finished a lot sooner) I received absolutely zero feedback. Yeah, not even a "I don't know why you bother if you can't even work two days in a row you lazy bastard".

Obviously, I don't really have any motivation right now so...

To not have this post be a total downer, I'll mention that I got a mail from a developer team offering swapping links (a thing that surprised me a bit), so now there's another link on the sidebar.

They're "Eromancer", the guys behind "Malise and the Machine", a pretty extensive-looking RPG game with plenty of prerendered 3D art. There's not much to be seen about the game right now, but if they didn't mention that it's made with RPG Maker VX Ace you wouldn't know because they seem to have extended and edited the engine extensively.

It certainly looks promising, and a game to look forward to (unlike the games I try to make).

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