Oct 21, 2014

So I've been working on stuff

I did quite a bit of work on that challenge game, Fractal Dagger of the Twisted Maid, and I'm sure I'm going to fit in quite some more work in it.
But along with it I've been able to pour some work in Omega Defender Karen too, yet about that game I realized one thing: If I kept myself to the amount of content I had planned, it was going to take forever.

It's kind of a hard call to make, and Azure helped me make the decision, so I'm going to chop the content of that game to more or less what I already have done. Maybe a bit more.
But as a side thing, I also thought of having something else in there replacing the sprites I won't be making. It's not a sure thing, but I might end up making a few 3D renders that depict a gameover with more detail.

She seems to be offering something
This is a picture to distract you and give you an idea of how the 3D pics might look.
It's all still in the air though, I kind of want to have something to show soon with ODK.

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