Aug 5, 2014

Nothing to show yet

I... Had a bit of trouble getting motivation the last two days, and did what amounts to nothing. I'm kind of stuck in the list of "What enemies are going to be there", but I've decided I'm going to just add a placeholder graphic for all of them for the time being and work on getting them all functional, then I can get busy with the sprites and the H-sprites after I'm done with that.

At least I'll have that much work ahead of me while I think of new/different enemies to make.

On a side note, I removed the unsightly "About me" gadget (It's not like you can't just find my profile, but being nothing there, it was just taking up space) and replaced it with a blog list of other H-developers. One right now, but if you want to appear there contact me and I'll put you there.

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